Barrier-Free Digital Boring

Watch this brief video discussing the advantages of digital boring heads, such as the EWD 310 Series.

Going digital doesn’t have to be a pain. Make the conversion from analog to digital without having to replace any accessories–it’s a simple one-for-one boring head trade off, nothing else needs to be altered.

New digital boring tools like BIG Kaiser’s new Series 112 EWD and Series 310 EWD precision finish digital boring heads allow operators to easily make precision adjustments on the fly, so you can minimize adjustments that you need to make to hit your target diameter. These models are otherwise identical to their EWN predecessors – same range, roundness, shape and height – so you can swap an analog for a digital model without any reprogramming. Both series use all same existing accessories as their non-digital counterparts, meaning you can use the same boring bars and the same insert holders that the original analog EWN Series uses.

A large, high-contrast display relates diameter corrections with a resolution of .000005”/Ø (.001mm/Ø for metric heads). The tool carrier’s measuring system shows the effective movement of the cutting edge and permits diameter corrections in both directions.

The heads, with KA6 (Series 112) and KAB4-7 (Series 310) modular connections, feature absolute setting accuracy. An on-board electronic measurement system in the tool carrier allows for ultra-precise diameter adjustments. The Series 112 has a boring range of Ø.079” to 2.126,” while the Series 310 can bore from Ø.787” to 8.000”. For ease of use, a single button is all that is needed to turn it on/off, or to reset it.

Both the Series 112 and 310 feature an IP 69K seal rating – highest possible – assuring the internal components are completely protected in the most extreme environments.

Check out the brand new Series 310 EWD here, or download the EWD 2-54 catalog page here.

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