Benefits of Investing in Premium Vs. Basic Tooling

BIG KAISER Tooling collection. recently published an article where our President and CEO, Chris Kaiser, and Vice President of Sales and Engineering, Jack Burley, discuss the benefits of BIG KAISER tooling and workholding solutions and share a glimpse of what can be seen at this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS).

IMTS is a global hub for industrial manufacturing technology. Although the show takes place in September 2018, the planning and preparation has started, and we are excited to showcase our trusted tooling and workholding offerings for the manufacturing industry.

As stated in the article, BIG KAISER has consistently demonstrated the benefits of premium tooling that it offers a higher performance guarantee.

“If we quote a tool, we promise that we will improve the process by a certain percentage. If that does not happen, we will take the tool back,” says Kaiser. While every application is different, an improvement of 10 to 25 percent is common, and that improvement usually starts with better rigidity.

By engaging with BIG KAISER at IMTS, visitors can learn exactly how tooling affects their costs. For example, not everyone realizes that every additional 0.0001-in. of run-out reduces tool life by a factor of 20 percent.

“While machine tool companies are very good at making precision machines, the accessory parts that go into the machine tools are probably not their best engineering capacity,” says Burley. “Conversely, we specialize in providing the connectivity from a precision spindle and taking it to the cutting edge. We have over three decades of experience and we have perfected the manufacturing, quality processes and engineering to do it right. That’s why using BIG KAISER instead of basic tooling packages is the best option.”

Read the full article now to learn more about the history of our company and the value of our products, including the BIG-PLUS spindle, EWD precision digital boring head and UNILOCK zero-point clamping chuck system.

If you plan to visit IMTS 2018, don’t forget to stop by BIG KAISER’s exhibit in the Tooling & Workholding Pavilion. We encourage everyone, from operators to owners, to discuss their applications and challenges while at the show.

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