BIG KAISER employees deliver their Valentines to the industry

With love being in the air, we asked several BIG KAISER employees what it was they loved about the industry. Here are a few responses:

Love without borders

“Last month, while visiting customers and prospects in Mexico, I was brought to a small tool and die company in Guadalajara that recently purchased a new Doosan VMC with BIG-PLUS. At first, from the outside on the street, I thought it was a brothel. However, to my surprise, inside was some very good and modern equipment working on high precision dies for the mold industry. Even in the most remote locations of the planet, you never know who needs high precision tooling to make parts better and faster, never judge a book by its cover, or a manufacturing shop by the outside walls, there just might be a very sophisticated shop lurking inside.”
– Jack Burley, vice president, sales & engineering

Love within borders

“I love to see all the parts that were “off-shored” coming back to be machined in the USA.” – Alan Miller, engineering manager


“Seeing more jobs and projects coming back to the United States from overseas is awesome. Others might be able to do it cheaper, but they can’t do it as good as we can.Now, we just have to keep the momentum going in our direction.” – Dave Stonesifer, sales manager

“The re-shoring phenomenon is very exciting. Seeing US-based manufacturers intentionally re-shoring capital equipment purchases to local companies is something to love.”
Michael Caruso, business development representative

“Especially with the pressure from abroad, many companies are really focusing on working smarter rather than harder. Continuous Improvement focus has them looking at Presetters and Unilock.”
– Vikki Giacalone, business development representative


Cupid’s arrow pointed to the future

“I love that companies like MakerBot are pushing 3d printing technology into the mainstream, allowing fledgling entrepreneurs and designers to produce prototypes quicker, cheaper, and more efficiently. The advent of 3d printing technology over the next few years will help manufacturers reduce their raw material consumption, and therefore their environmental impact.” – Mike Bojanowskiapplications engineer

“I’m new at BIG Kaiser, and at this point still becoming familiar with the industry. But I love being able to learn all of the different applications of manufacturing and precision tools. It’s tool time!”
 Alayna Robertsapplications engineer

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