BIG KAISER Says Thanks

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked a few BIG KAISER employees about what they were thankful for in the manufacturing and machining world. Here’s what they had to say.

I am thankful for the efforts of those spearheading the reshoring movement—those who are spreading the word of why it makes sense to bring previously offshored work back to America. Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Initiative, is the single biggest promoter and public advocate of this movement that I am aware of. His efforts are starting to bear fruit and it has been one of the many factors contributing to a revitalized American manufacturing economy—and a big job creator for those we have been trying to recruit into this industry, as well as a job-sustainer for the rest of us already in it. Thanks for the great work Harry—keep it up!
– Tim Stapula, Marketing Manager

Many companies are beginning to adopt the idea of off line tool measuring and seeing the benefits of how that equipment not only saves time as well as money. Brief example: a company I recently visited was able to keep a single worker in the tool room solely to set up and verify tooling; which allowed the machine operators to stop setting/measuring their own tooling and simply load new tools and run cycles. We hope to see more of this philosophy implemented in the future. Happy Turkey Day!
– Anthony Bylina, Sales and Service Coordinator

I am thankful that young and old alike are asking to be trained in manufacturing skills. I am also thankful that community colleges and vocational training institutions are implementing the necessary programs to develop our future manufacturing workforce. Manufacturing is on a comeback and we have the jobs available for manufacturing students when they graduate.
– Gerard Vacio, Product Manager, Workholding Systems

I am thankful for Nosler AccuBond bullets. Their superior weight retention ensured a clean kill on this trophy buck I harvested on opening day of the 2012 Wisconsin gun deer season. To read more about the interesting manufacturing process for these bullets, click here:
– Matt Tegelman, Product Manager, Kaiser

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