BIG KAISER’s Most Precise Leveling Tool

The machine-shop world has already been talking about BIG KAISER’s new Level Master Wireless, a device that will make the leveling of machines tool tables simpler without sacrificing high precision.

For an overall better machining process, using a leveling tool can make all the difference. In addition to increased efficiency, Practical Machinist mentions that a leveling tool will help make the machine last longer.

The Level Master Wireless uses a wireless connectivity feature to allow a separate display screen to present data from a range of up to 30m from the measuring point. According to Cutting Tool Engineering, the detector “supports an accuracy of up to 0.01mm/1m and allows simultaneous measurement with multiple detectors.”

In addition to practicality, the Level Master Wireless is logical for any shop as it includes an optical level sensor with LED and a buzzer to indicate when leveling is complete. You can also flip a switch from “low” to “high” for rough and finish adjustments.

The Level Master Wireless includes additional tools such as an aluminum box for storage, alkaline batteries, device manual, a Guarantee Certificate and an inspection sheet. To see more information on the product, click here.

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