Face Grooving Innovation Like Only BIG KAISER Can

Since day 1 with the very first boring tool produced in Switzerland, modularity has always been a requirement in nearly every tool produced by BIG KAISER. This doesn’t only apply to the CK/CKB connection in order to adapt to any machine – this also applies to the “business end” of the tool body as well.

The Series 319 SW rough boring system was no exception. When this system was launched a handful of years back as the latest-and-greatest in BIG KAISER’s twin-cutter systems, almost immediately afterwards did accessory insert holders appear for chamfering and back boring. But we didn’t stop there.

Now, thanks to a little bit of R&D, we can offer a pretty darn flexibly face grooving system with your 319 SW head you purchased for boring. All you need is the new insert holders! Simply swap out the rough boring insert holders with the grooving ones, load in the carbide grooving tools, set the diameter and you are good to go!

The grooving insert holders, generally speaking, can cover the diameter range of Ø2.087”-7.992” between the four SW 319 heads that these are available for.

Oh…did we mention that the new face grooving solution is also available for the 318 large diameter system? Yep…you can actually go all the way up to Ø118” if you’d like! Pretty cool, huh?

Besides independent diameter adjustments, they are also height-adjustable. Therefore, you can make practically any groove width size between .080ʺ and .375ʺ, and up to a maximum depth of .470ʺ.

The solid carbide cutters of 2, 3, 4, and 5mm wide come on an Ø8mm shank, and are easily and accurately adjusted in height with an eccentric bolt design. The SW 319 head/insert combination makes for a powerful combination of rigidity and adaptability that only BIG KAISER can provide. Find all the details here.

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