Introducing Our First App to You and the World

When you type the word App into a search engine, you may find Wikipedia pop-up. Wikipedia talks about apps under the heading of “Computing/Mobile app” in general but, you can find THE new BIG KAISER app is available from these two sources:

BIG KAISER revealed the first version at IMTS 2016. We found that a mobile app presence is a must for keeping tech-savvy customers engaged with our company. Our app was launched with features which, our customers told us they wanted and needed.


  1. Remote real-time help for customers with calculations specific to their boring operations while on the shop floor
  2. Enhances our customers’ experience with easily accessible information at the touch of their finger-tips
  3. Personalize your app by saving your data for future reference
  4. Manuals provide more detailed tool data in mobile friendly PDF files
  5. Switch between metric and imperial units
  6. Contact information for BIG KAISER USA, Germany and Switzerland

Using our app is like the old idiom, “Easy as Pie”; choose your tool, enter application values, touch the calculate button and voila! You have precise data to input into your machine control in a comprehensive format easy to read. This type of interfacing with our app leads to improved real-time decision making – contributing to your company bottom line.

As we up-date our app periodically to include customer requests and more BIG KAISER tools, we look forward to hearing how we can improve our app for YOU!

I guess we’ll go ahead and tease you with what major development is coming next – our app working in tandem with our newest digital boring head – the EWD EVO. You can communicate wirelessly between the head and app to make on-the-fly adjustments that much easier – plus the ability to keep historical tool setups for QA purposes. See it in person later this year at the BIG KAISER booth at EMO 2017!

Did you find this insightful? Let us know what you think by adding your comments or questions below.

Request for quotes and other inquiries should be submitted to our contact us form.

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