New Entry-Level SPERONI Presetting System at IMTS


IMTS, the largest biennial manufacturing trade show in North America, is just two months away. It may be too early for you to start packing for Chicago, but it’s not too early to start planning your show schedule for September 10-15.

We encourage you to stop by BIG KAISER’s booth 431610 located in the west building, level 3. As North American representative of SPERONI tool measuring machines, one of the many highlights at the booth will be the SPERONI ESSENTIA tool presetting and measuring system.

This new space-saving tool measuring machine can perform high-quality measurements right next to your machine tool. It enables users to efficiently measure tools offline, allowing the operator to achieve full machine productivity. What differentiates the SPERONI ESSENTIA is the concise and easy-to-use control specifically designed to optimize all tool presetting and measuring operations. The runout function, MaxP, base post processor and the entry-level tool database are only some of the functions included in the ESSENTIA control. The new vertical graphic interface and the online help function further aid the operator.

Presetters measure the cutting edges of tools to ensure they match job specifications and are ready for use in the machine. Adjustments that could take up to 15 minutes when made on a machine can be made offline in less than a minute on a presetter, allowing the machine to continue cutting.

You’ll definitely want to see the SPERONI ESSENTIA in action. For more information about BIG KAISER at IMTS 2018, visit this link

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