New Supplemental Products Catalog Is Available

The 2018-2019 Supplemental Products catalog highlights new products introduced to the market that deliver true and measurable performance advantages. Highlights of the 24-page catalog include:

  • The MEGA Micro Coolant Nut was developed to provide precise coolant supply to micro cutting tool applications at high speeds. Exclusively for MEGA Micro Chuck 6S, the MEGA Micro Coolant Nut is an ideal design for high-speed micro machining up to Ø6 mm. By using it instead of a standard nut, tool lifetime is increased by about 35 percent and better cutting performance is achieved for milling applications.
  • The range of BIG Capto tool holders expanded with the addition of a new size, C4, which is becoming increasingly popular as a quick-change system for turret tooling on lathes. BIG Capto C4 is now offered for both rotating tool holders and turning tools for lathes. Its integral design allows for holding a variety of common inserts for different approach angles and clearance requirements in both left- and right-hand orientations. These compact and rigid tools also allow for large depth of cuts and feed rates.
  • Hydraulic chucks for Swiss lathes use a single wrench, which makes for a quick and easy change of the cutting tools on a gang slide. Often used for mass production of small items such as automobile parts, watch parts, medical parts, communication and digital equipment parts, Swiss Lathes have many fixed and rotating tools in a narrow space, making it difficult to replace a cutting tool inside the machine. To minimize machine downtime and provide operator safety, the Hydraulic Chucks use a simple hex wrench that requires only 2-3 turns for both clamping and unclamping.
  • The C-Centering Cutter is an indexable cutter that uses a specialized insert that can start a hole from a solid piece, something extremely difficult to do. It can also perform spot drilling and 90-degree chamfering at the same time or can strictly be used for hole chamfering. Also available is a three insert C-Centering Cutter, which is only used for chamfering.


To order or download the Supplemental Products Catalog, follow this link.


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