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Our goal is to help you identify opportunities in your operation and deliver equipment that saves time and money. The countless combinations of world-class tooling, workholding and measuring systems ensure a low-risk, high-reward solution to make your operation more productive.


"When our machinist kept requesting additional BIG-PLUS
tool holders… that was the proof for me."
-James O'Toole, Machine Shop Manager, Team Penske

Tool Holders

Setting the standard for efficient machining

Increased tool rigidity, reduced runout and added productivity are just a few of the ways premium tool holders can improve a metalworking operation's bottom line. From the everyday to the specialty job, BIG DAISHOWA holders' consistency and performance are unsurpassed.


Boring Tools

Fewer passes, less scrap, longer tool life—better holes

For roughing or finishing holes large and small, KAISER boring tools combine the modularity that makes adjusting to new and different applications more efficient and the ruggedness to significantly reduce cost, cycle time and scrapped parts—time after time.



Replace setup time with production time

The modular UNILOCK zero-point workholding system allows unobstructed access to parts, rapid changeovers or reorientations, and innovative stabilization designs no matter the number of axes or motion. Plus, the simple air clamping concept makes using UNILOCK systems easy for any operator.


Measuring Systems

Measure and inspect offline. Let spindles spin.

Boost machine utilization and profitability by moving time-consuming setups away from the machine. And rest easy knowing measurements are precise time after time thanks to world-class SPERONI construction and technology.


Cutting Tools

Micro drills and cutters, macro savings

There may be no other application where the right tooling demonstrates its value more clearly. Today's work often places an emphasis on shrinking geometries, extreme precision and exotic materials. Solid carbide, high-speed steel, carefully coated and reinforced-shank tools have proven to make for a productive environment where tool life is maximized and test cutting is minimized.


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BIG DAISHOWA offers a complete line of tooling systems compatible with virtually any interface for almost any application.



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