New Boring Kit from BIG KAISER Enables Precision Boring of Enormous Range with Just One Head

Hoffman Estates, IL – The new EWN 2-50XL Boring Kit from BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc. now offers a turnkey precision boring tooling solution for the diameter range of Ø.700”-6.000” in its entirety. To make this new range possible with just one boring head, the engineers at BIG KAISER came up with a new, rigid, dynamic center-mounted boring bar/insert holder capable of maintaining consistent precision throughout its full range.

Previously, center-mount boring bars were used to cover a max Ø2.125”, and an outboard insert holder clamped to the side of the head covered Ø3.150”-6.000”. This left a significant gap of over Ø1” that could not be covered, and an additional head from the 310 series was needed to fulfill the full bore range to Ø6”. As a result, this new kit saves users nearly $2,000 when compared to the previous generation kit.

The tooling and carefully selected accessories come stored in a molded plastic carrying case with foam inlay to keep the components organized and protect the instruments when not in use. Each kit includes:

(1qty) Series 112 EWN 2-50XL finish boring head
(2qty) Center-mount steel boring bars & corresponding screw-on insert holders for Ø.700”-3.150”
(3qty) Outboard insert holders for Ø3.150”-6.000”
(1qty) Coolant nozzle
(1qty) 10-pack of carbide coated TC11 inserts with a .016 nose radius (for general steel & cast iron)
(2qty) Wrenches

The EWN 2-50XL boring head features adjustments of Ø.0002”/div. Coolant through is standard with a max pressure of 300 PSI. When using the outboard insert holders – an included coolant nozzle inserts to the center of the head for direct coolant delivery to the cutting edge. The same outboard insert holders can simply be assembled in reverse to permit back boring.
If needed, the system is expandable for deep hole boring with carbide bars and diameters as small as .080″, and additional accessories can be ordered for super-fine balancing, OD turning and chamfering.

BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc. is a leader in high precision tooling systems and solutions. With brands including BIG Daishowa, KAISER, Speroni, Unilock, Sphinx and more, BIG KAISER’s line is focused on extreme accuracy and repeatability. BIG KAISER’s mission is to support North American manufacturers with products that are designed and manufactured to a superior standard. Guaranteed.

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