New Stevens Engineering Unilock Starter Kits Incorporate Instantly with Stevens Subplates and Tombstones

Phoenix, AZ - Stevens Engineering Inc. and BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc. introduce a complete workholding solution in one simple Unilock Starter Kit. The kit allows users to plug the components immediately into their production cell when it supports a Stevens Engineering mounting grid pattern to instantly eliminate setup time while increasing productivity.

Stevens Engineering's captured screw and captured dowel assemblies allow the kits to be installed in seconds. The kit also contains universal pallets that allow the user to quickly attach and detach their positioning and clamping components or workpieces. Starter Kits support the Stevens Engineering grid pattern with other grid spacing available upon request.

Unilock can be used in virtually any process where change-time needs to be reduced. Unilock can be used to quickly and accurately exchange work pieces in excess of 5,000 lbs., however these kits are designed for use with small parts and fixtures that can easily be shuttled by hand or robot from one process to another.

Stevens Engineering Inc. has been a U.S. leader in Modular Fixturing for over 40 years and is singularly devoted to the design and manufacture of workholding accessories for horizontal and vertical machining centers. BIG KAISER Precision Tooling is a leader in high precision tooling systems and solutions. With brands including Kaiser, BIG Daishowa, Speroni, Unilock, Sphinx, and more, BIG KAISER's line is focused on extreme accuracy and repeatability.

For information about Stevens Engineering, Tombstones, Subplates or other Stevens Engineering products, contact Stevens Engineering Inc., Phoenix, AZ, 800-635-0657, e-mail, or visit For more information about BIG KAISER, Unilock Starter Kits or other BIG KAISER products, contact BIG KAISER, Elk Grove Village, IL, 224-770-2999, e-mail or visit

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