Removing Collets from MEGA Nuts



It is sometimes difficult for users to remove collets from our MEGA nuts. Luckily we have markings on the nuts to make it easier. Just line up the "BIG" logo on the nut and collet to align the slits for easy removal.  


How to eject a collet.

We also offer a couple of tools to make it even easier. The NBJ stick is designed to push the collet without damage when aligned properly.

How to eject a collet.
NBJ Collet Remover eases removal of the collet from the net.

We also offer the CE collet ejectors for the smaller sizes that compress the collet from behind for one handed removal.

How to eject a collet.
Collet Ejectors to insert/remove small sizes of New Baby Collets.

For more information see page 351 of our High Performance Tooling Solutions 2018-2019 catalog.

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Alan Miller

By Alan Miller
Senior Manager Engineering

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