Drill Tapper

Quick-Change System for Drilling and Tapping

Drill Tapper products are being phased out in 2023. We will continue to sell existing stock as long as products are available.

Drill Tapper is a quick-change system for drilling and tapping offering two operations with one head. Excellent durability is achieved by utilizing the largest possible contact area, the finest quality material with a hardness of HRC 63, and ground clutch keys. After long periods of use, the original torque can easily be restored by the replacement of the clutch keys and torque rubbers.

Standard sets are also available. Please see the catalog for more information.

Features & Benefits
  • Quick change holders allow fast-changing of taps and drills only seconds
  • Adjustable torque control provides easy selection for the material to be tapped
  • Stable tapping is assured by a simple but efficient cross tapping prevention system
  • Automatic torque limiter built into each drill tapper
  • Built-in safety clutch and exclusive tap holders assure safe tapping
  • No need to adjust torque for tapping blind or through holes
Product Documentation