3 Reasons to Make Time for BIG KAISER’s Training Classes

“I don’t have time for that.” Admit it, we’ve all said this at one time or another. The truth of the matter is, in today’s market place it’s more important than ever to schedule time for training. Face it, this is how you beat the competition – with your knowledge and know how. If it is still unclear why it’s important to designate time for your career and personal development when you still have e-mails to get out, reports to generate, leads to follow up and deals to close, then you should consider the following.

Prioritizing time for training can…

1. Inspire

Many Sales Engineers want to know what the competition is doing. One of the best ways is to look at what training is available out there. What new products can make your customer’s lives better and more productive? Are there unique or innovative methods to do a job? A little training can provide a whole new set of skills to enhance your repertoire as you get inspired.

2. Expand your skills and expertise

Maybe you’re an expert of milling or boring. Maybe you know drilling inside and out. Regardless of what your expertise is, there is always room for growth. Consider the changes in our industry, innovations in materials to cut and the tools to use. The best way to stay on top of your game is to capitalize on training and constant improvement. Remember that intent is not enough here. You have to prioritize your time for training to make an impact!

3. Maximize technology

You may already understand how and why a customer is using a tool in his application, however, participating in regular training keeps you up-to-date with the latest technology and processes. This can help simplify customer’s issues and establish you as the “go to” person for all their application and tooling needs.

One of our favorite things is when we receive a note from someone who attended our training classes letting us know what an impact we had and how they feel more confident with their jobs and success. It’s contagious! Once you feel the confidence of technology, nothing can stand in the way of your success.

BIG KAISER challenges you to step up, improve yourself and register for our training classes.

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