Check Stock Feature Now Open to the Public – No Password Required!

We’ve written before about making things as easy as possible with periodic major enhancements to our website – such as opening up our DXF drawing library unprotected to the public…and we’ve just done it again! Now, any visitor to the BIG KAISER website Online Tools page can take a glimpse into the stock status of nearly all items sold by BIG KAISER with no password required!

The reason for this change of heart? We want our customers to continue experiencing reasons why it is easy to do business with us. We know you don’t have time to waste, and spec’ing out tools to only find out later that day or next from your distributor that they are not available might be a tad frustrating.

Speaking of easy…here are some handy “tips & tricks” to using the check stock function. The page lists them in full detail, but a few hi-lights are as follows:

  • You can enter partial catalog numbers and see all results that contain your search value
  • You can use % as a wildcard to represent a variety of possible characters
    Ex: Entering “BCV40%4” will display all BIG-PLUS® CAT40 tooling available with a 4” gauge length
  • Clicking on column header will sort the results and toggle the results between ascending and descending order
  • You can define your search by selecting “Catalog Number” or “Description” in case you aren’t familiar with our numbering system, but want to see all options available for a Mega New Baby Chuck

Also, in order to avoid disappointment when you decide to submit your order – the “Qty. Available” column is conveniently displayed real-time.

The one thing missing from public view, of course, is pricing. Unfortunately that is only made available to authorized resellers. If that is you, and you would like to request access, please apply here.

To view our new Check Stock page, please click here.

Did you find this insightful? Let us know what you think by adding your comments or questions below.

Request for quotes and other inquiries should be submitted to our contact us form.

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