Curious About Our Tool Presetters? Here’s Your Chance to Try One Risk-Free

We believe so strongly in the precision and productivity gains you can experience by switching to our products, that earlier this year we decided to make four of the most popular available for no-risk trials; use them on your machines, in your own processes, cutting real parts. We call it the Test Us campaign and it includes micro tool holders, synchro tapping holders, high performance drills and rough boring heads…until now.

Since the campaign has drawn so much attention, we’ve decided to make a fifth solution available—and when applied fully, it has the potential to provide the biggest productivity boost out of all the Test Us offerings. We’re excited to announce the addition of the Speroni MAGIS tool presetter to the Test Us campaign.

Click here to learn out how a recent customer reduced setup times by 60% and saved $81,000 in one year with the help of the MAGIS.

Whether you’re thinking about upgrading a current tool presetter or you’re curious how adding one might improve cycle times, this is your chance to try a system in your shop at no risk. The process is simple. Fill out the short request form here, and we’ll work with you to set improvement goals and expectations that fit your shop. Cut as a P.O. to prove you’re serious, we’ll then visit your location, install the system and train your staff how to use the MAGIS.

If it doesn’t hit the marks we set out together, we’ll take it back, no questions asked. But, we’d be surprised if that happens. In all the years we’ve offered the MAGIS as a trial, not a single customer has sent one back because it wasn’t performing as expected.

A big reason why is because the MAGIS is the only bench-top presetter in the world with built-in RKC (Retention Knob Clamping). This provides a strong and repeatable seating in the spindle–mimicking that of a machine tool and helping it achieve the accuracies—and most importantly—the repeatability that others cannot.

The MAGIS is ergonomically designed, and the structure is made of aged pearlitic cast iron for stability and resistance to temperature changes – also mimicking your machine tools. The single-screen control is user-friendly and available with optional touch screen technology, for accurate tool measuring in minutes. You can even upgrade to a new full CNC version.

Visit the Test Us page to learn more about how the MAGIS works, its world-class construction and design and to see competitive comparisons. Then, give it a try. Or should we say, Test Us.

Did you find this insightful? Let us know what you think by adding your comments or questions below.

Request for quotes and other inquiries should be submitted to our contact us form.

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