A Guided Tour through the NEW Unilock Workholding Catalog

BIG Kaiser now offers its extensive line of workholding options all in one, easy-to-use place. The new Unilock Zero-Point Clamping System Catalog, Vol. 1 covers the gamut of workholding products, each designed to provide the flexibility to function seamlessly with existing workholding systems, or to act as a stand-alone solution.

Multi-axis systems have been wildly popular as of late, so naturally they comprise a featured section of the catalog and Robotic systems are only becoming more popular, as we demonstrated at IMTS. But we wanted to be exhaustive in making sure our entire line was under one roof, even including accessories and tertiary products related to workholding. We even went as far as to include full dimensioned product drawings to make laying out a new workholding solution that much easier for our customers.

Chuck Geometry
Unilock’s round chucks come in diameters ranging from Ø3.543 in. to Ø7.716 in. (Ø90 mm to Ø196 mm), and offers body styles to fit a wide variety of applications. Most body forms allow the use of turbo assisted clamping for higher retention forces. The chucks can be supplied with single or multiple timing notches or bushing holes for timing.

Meanwhile, rectangular chucks typically utilize the straight edges of the chuck as a timing feature, and that shape combined with their compact footprint allows close positioning during multiple-chuck layouts. They are available in several sizes and when matched to the footprint of the workpiece, they provide maximum access from the remaining five sides. The EDM 100/150 has the lowest profile of any chuck in the Unilock system, while the AFM 105/65 and the ESM 100/75 are the two narrowest chucks in the Unilock family and can be placed very close do the edge of a fixture or workpiece.

Pre-Assembled Chucks
Base-plate mounted chucks are also available in the catalog, featuring easy mounting to the machine table, as well as pre-plumbed air supply. All bases provide either notches or a ground edge to square the chuck to the machine table.

Knobs & Pallets
The retention knob is the heart of the Unilock system. It provides high accuracy location while also retaining the fixture. The knob comes in three forms for proper location of large fixtures, with both metric and inch fastenings.

Pallets are available fully assembled with their required quality of Unilock knobs and lifting handles, and are available in either steel or aluminum.

Automation Chucks
Automation chucks are expanding the role of air pressure beyond that of holding the chuck open during changeovers or assisting the springs in the clamping process. Automation chucks can confirm the presence of a clamping ring or fixture via air pressure monitoring. Air is also used to keep locating surfaces clean and free of debris.

Multi-Axis Systems
Our multi-axis workholding products are designed to provide flexibility and functionality for 5-axis machining and 5-sided machining via multiple part transfers. These multi-axis workholding solutions locate and stabilize the workpieces without obstructing access to the top and sides of the part. The also allow a clamped workpiece to be flipped into new orientations for subsequent machining operations without unclamping it from the workholding.

ROC® Mineral Cast Systems
ROC® Mineral Cast Solutions increase capacity and throughput by reducing burden and transport weights. Similar to a skyscraper, a steel substructure adds stability, with composite mineral body for lightweight workholding without sacrificing precision.

Robot Interfaces
When using robots to pick and place fixtured workpieces into machine tools, Unilock can be used on the table to control workpiece placement and clamping. Unilock can also be used on the end of the robot arm as the pick interface.

Review a handy PDF of the catalog here. To either ask questions or request a hard copy from a Workholding Product Specialist at BIG Kaiser, contact John Zaya: jzaya@bigkaiser.com or Gerard Vacio: gvacio@bigkaiser.com.

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