IMTS Sneak Peek Part 2: Unilock & Fanuc Automation Cell

As mentioned in our first “IMTS Speak Peek” blog post, BIG Kaiser will feature over 35 new products at the upcoming show this September. These new products include enhanced additions within many of the product lines like BIG Daishowa, KAISER, Speroni, Unilock and more! And when it comes to Unilock, we are bringing something special – a full-blown integrated and automated production cell.

Unilock zero-point automation systems can be implemented at various points of any automation cell. At IMTS 2014, we will be demonstrating Unilock at three key points: the machine table, the robot end of arm, and the pallet storage rack.

On the table of the Fanuc RoboDrill, we have installed the Unilock ASSF120 Automation Clamping Base. The clamping base incorporates the basic function of holding and locating the palletized part, but it can also provide pallet presence confirmation to the controller and air pass-through for other functions. The four locating stand-offs in each corner provide .0001”-.0002” relocation accuracy of the pallet, and are cleaned with every change of the pallet via an air blast.

On the Fanuc Robot arm, we have a Unilock RK1 Pallet Gripper. The RK1 gripper and it’s mating adaptor block, PKV1, which is attached to the pallet, allows the robot to pick up a pallet from either the machine or the rack without needing to touch the machined part. The dual expanding mandrels of the RK1 also have air blow-off slits that clean the insides of the PKV1 bushings as the mandrels go past the entire length of the bushings, to prevent chip contamination of the mating surfaces.

On the rack, each pallet is located with the same four (4) stand-offs as in the machine. This allows the pallet to be reloaded with raw material by the operator and relocated onto the rack with the same accuracy as the robot. This also eliminates the need for additional holes and features in the bottom of the pallet.

Make sure to continue to visit this blog, where we will be unveiling more exciting things to look forward to at IMTS! And of course, don’t forget to visit booth W#1600 to learn how BIG Kaiser brings the most precise, most reliable and most accurate tooling accessories to the market. Click here to add us to your agenda and to learn more about our other new products, daily seminars, free breakfasts during the week and more!

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