IMTS Sneak Peek Part 3: Announcing our Daily Presentation Schedule!

Join us at one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world and see some of the newest, most innovative technology in the manufacturing industry. BIG Kaiser’s “Productivity Deck” will be featuring live tech seminars throughout the day, a live “New Products” presentation every morning, and a free giveaway for all seminar attendees, and a special raffle prize during each seminar. To learn more and meet some of the BIG Kaiser team, make sure to attend some of the events scheduled below!

New Products Introduction
Everyday @ 10am

Since BIG Kaiser will be introducing over 35 new products this year – we decided to offer our booth guests a 15 minute crash-course on everything that is new. We know your time is valuable so the point of this presentation is not to get too detailed with each product – simply to highlight what it is, what it does, and where you can find it in the booth. Our experts will be standing by and be available to speak to about any of the products that interest you. Click here to find out exactly what new products will be at IMTS.

Mon/Wed/Fri @ 11am
Cory Cetkovic, Applications Engineer & Product Manager – Sphinx

BIG-PLUS® and HSK dual contact spindle systems have become widely known and supported by all of the world’s leading machine tool builders. However, if one has to choose, what are the primary factors – both technically and economically – that justifies the decision for your new machine tool purchase? Theoretical and practical limitations, as well as documented performance comparisons, are examined for each interface to help qualify the decision making process.

Manufacturing engineers, programmers, and machine tool application engineers will all benefit on how to make the best choice for their next machine tool purchase.

Managing Tool Data with Presetter Software
Mon/Wed/Fri @ 2pm

Doug Sumner, Product Manager – TMS

A tool library for any shop is an important step to organization, cost reduction, and managing growth. It’s usually the last obstacle to achieving higher productivity through tooling efficiency. The tool presetter can be more than just a measuring station; it can be the source of all tools and their assemblies used throughout the shop. Discover ways to implement a tool library fitting to your shop, how to integrate vending machine and crib stock, and a tooling component bill of materials.

Programmers, manufacturing supervisors, and anyone associated with tool crib and tool usage will find helpful, real world strategies for managing tool libraries and making sure the cutter you need, when you need it, will be ready.

Multi-Axis Quick-Change Workholding Systems
Mon/Wed/Fri @ 3pm
John Zaya, Product Manager – Workholding

5-sided machining requires workholding products that offer maximum versatility and functionality, while providing interference-free spindle-to-workpiece access. Quick change workholding must also locate and clamp a multitude of different workpiece designs without compromising accuracy, especially when multiple set-ups are necessary. The purpose of this session is to define the work zones of 5-axis machining, inherent associated tooling problems and methodology for designing the most versatile quick-change solution for the machine.

Programmers, fixture designers, and manufacturing engineers with limited exposure to 5-axis machining will find helpful tips and understanding of workholding systems available to maximize and simplify machine setup.

Deep Hole Boring Solutions
Tue/Thu @ 11am

Matt Tegelman, Applications Manager & Product Manager – KAISER

Precision hole-making has always been a feature most feared by process engineers, especially deep holes that require long tools. KAISER, known worldwide as a leading supplier of high precision fine boring tools, will define the parameters for deep-hole boring and offer step-by-step procedures for adapting the best technology for the application. Cutting data, insert selection, reducing L/D ratios while decreasing tool weight, increasing rigidity by carbide or heavy metal and dampening mechanisms to eliminate vibration will all be covered in detail.

Process engineers, programmers and machinists who are responsible for precision hole-making on milling machines will learn about all the existing and newest technology available for high performance deep-hole boring applications.

Higher Productivity Tool Holding
Tue/Thu @ 2pm
Jack Burley, VP Sales & Engineering

High performance milling centers are purchased with the intention of increasing throughput and work piece quality. To achieve this goal, many of the traditional methods and tooling must be changed, especially when working with hard metals and/or high speed cutting. BIG Kaiser, an industry leader in the production of many different types of tool holders, will outline the current advantages and disadvantages of each type of tool holder and offer suggestions for applying each technology for optimum output and quality.

Manufacturing engineers and programmers who want to know how to justify high performance tooling to increase productivity and reduce cycle time will benefit from this presentation.

Angle Heads
Tue/Thu @ 3pm
Alan Miller, Engineering Manager & Product Manager – BIG

Angle heads eliminate multiple setups and combine vertical, horizontal and angular operations on one machine. Practical applications and capabilities, along with proper set up, alignment and maintenance are important to know before bidding on any job that may require angle heads capable of automatic tool change. Additionally, investigating the proper installation of stop blocks on the machine spindle must always be considered and supported through your supplier.

Manufacturing engineers, programmers and estimators who are frequently challenged to reduce operations or machine internal features will learn what is possible with the latest angle head technology.


Immediately after each seminar, we will be raffling off the ultimate tool – the current, standard issue Swiss Army Knife! So don’t miss the opportunity to learn, mingle, and win with BIG Kaiser. To stay up to date keep checking our blog for the latest sneak peeks of IMTS and checking out our online showroom.

Did you find this insightful? Let us know what you think by adding your comments or questions below.

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