IMTS Sneak Peek Part 5: Speroni Tool Presetter Software Integration with Popular CAM & TMS Systems

Why use a presetter? The better question is, why not? This feature ensures that your machine is being used in the most efficient, accurate and precise way possible. Modifications that can take up to 15 minutes when made on your machine can easily be made offline in less than one minute. BIG Kaiser offers multiple presetter options that assist with specific functions. The presetter line includes DIASETMAGISFUTURA and FUTURA Autoshrink and a few control interfaces that help reduce downtime and operator error. By delivering precise measurements and eliminating test cuts these tools guarantee a high level of efficiency and provide tool data that contributes to maximum tool life. Come see the BIG Kaiser presetter line in action alongside some intuitive software solutions at the upcoming IMTS show! Below is a list of the latest features that you will see there:

  • The all new SPERONI INTELLIGO Tool Management Solution software allows you to comprehensively organize your tool assemblies, your individual components, plus your tool jobs and kits in a central knowledge database avoiding redundant data. Now add to that effectively managing your warehouse and streamlining your manufacturing processes by giving you the power to effectively organize every facet of your tooling resources. This is our economical solution that will save you money.
  • Do you use CAM software in your manufacturing? How would you like to supercharge it in your tooling setups? Link your present CAM software to our Speroni Edge 2.0 control software creating setup lists for immediate use by your tool room personnel eliminating error or loss of paper setup sheets. Present intigrations with tdm systems include Siemens PLMSiemens TDIWinToolFastemsMTConnectSiemens NXTebisMastercamEdgecamhyperMillDelcamCGTechVericutEsprit and TopSolid
  • Do you have a CNC taste but only a manual machine budget? Speroni Magis is now available with CNC motion, and it is still the only bench top tool presetter to offer mechanical clamping. Now you can get all the functionality of an expensive inspection capable presetter without the huge sticker price.
  • Ready to preset your tooling but have a tight budget or you need a cost effective model to put multiple presetters around your shop? Then you need the DIASET model tool presetter which allows you to measure your tools fast and accurately, offering maximum measuring capabilities at an affordable price. For release at IMTS will be an optical system giving the operator not only the ability to measure length and diameter, but also more complex radius and angle measurements. Also for release at IMTS with the DIASET will be a new post processor interface. This option removes any operator error caused by printing labels or miss interpretation.
  • Please welcome to our Tool Pro line—both an HSK 125 Vario adapter and HSK 125 Spin Vario adapter. Both will give you the versatility you need to setup all of your HSK 125 tooling. The spin model makes setting up your large facemills quick and easy. Please stop by our booth and see all the Tool Pro models to aid in your tooling setup and repair.

Each system is available to you for your specific tooling needs. Our presetters allow for greatest efficiency and profitability, with minimal error. To make sure your machine is running at its best capacity, visit the BIG Kaiser booth at IMTS to see what presetter is the best fit for you. Click here to view our IMTS online showroom.

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