Leaping Forward in 2012

It just so happens that 2012 is a leap year. Cut to the Chase asked BIG Kaiser employees what technologies best represent a leap forward in thinking or practice for the machining industry. Take a look at what they said below:

“2012 will be a leap forward in tapping applications. High speed rigid tapping with our Mega Synchro Tapper can improve thread quality and protect taps from breaking.” –Alan Miller, engineering manager

“Software capabilities have improved tremendously since last year. In regards to presetters we have been able to integrate our software with others such as Mastercam and Vericut.” – Anthony Bylina, sales and service coordinator

“There has been a big leap in our industry towards not just the adoption of “new media”, but the reliance on it. As new generations are being hired into manufacturing, they expect you to communicate with them through TwitterFacebookYou Tube and blogs like Cut To The Chase. This presents new and exciting opportunities for my company to get the word out real-time, and more frequently, and for a fraction of the cost and effort involved with traditional advertising. And it’s more fun. The only downside for me personally? This simply means more advertising programs for me and my team to execute! – Tim Stapula, marketing manager

“Mill turns like the Mori Seiki NT Series and the Mazak Intergrex are multi-axes machines that combine milling and turning capability in one machine, reducing manufacturing processes unheard of just a few years ago.”
– Jack Burley, vice president

“The speed of milling with high feed mills has advanced beyond what most applications engineers and programmers realize. No one is using these tools to their full potential and fear takes over when prompted to run the tools at the proper speeds and feeds. Before taking the plunge, be sure to hold these cutters in high performance tool holders, or your fears may come true.” – Alayna Roberts, applications engineer

“I think the explosion of mobile technology and ever increasing apps available for smartphones and iPads, even for the manufacturing sector, is remarkable.” – Dave Stonesifer, sales manager

“The rolling out of large diameter, light weight and high speed boring systems have been great on production machines, boring mills and machining centers with spindle taper sizes of 40 and larger.”
 Michael Caruso, business development representative

“The past year has seen the introduction of innovative uses of aluminum in tooling components, resulting in drastic weight reductions for large diameter or long length tooling.” – Mike Bojanowski, applications engineer


And we told Tegelman to tone down the talkativeness

“Cryogenic tooling.” – Matt Tegelman, applications manager

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