Massively Expanded Sphinx Catalog Aims to Educate Users

Sure, there are 15 new geometries—including flat-tip and radius micro engraving mills, TC2 high-performance drills from 3xD to 30xD and pilot/step drills—but, Volume 2 of the Sphinx High Precision Cutting Tools catalog is much more than product listings. Sixty-two pages longer than Volume 1, this just-released catalog is packed with guidance for selecting the right tools and recommendations for how to get the most out of them based on updated and highly accurate operating parameters specific to each material.

Each series of drills is broken down in a quick-reference selection chart in the beginning of the catalog with everything you need to know about each: true-inch conversions, range, increments, tolerance, LxD ratio, point angle, coolant capability and coating (if applicable). The charts even provide workpiece material recommendations of “excellent”, “suitable” or “not recommended”.

Drills with 0.03mm diameters that perform at 80xD, or coated micro drills—available in diametrical increments of 0.01mm between 0.20mm and 3.00mm–present unique challenges to even the most experienced machinist. To help make things a little easier, the new catalog even offers process advice for general- and micro-machining processes like when to first make a pilot hole, run a peck cycle or at what depth to turn on coolant.

Didn’t see the drill you needed? No problem. Fill out Pg. 146 and submit it to us and we’ll provide you a quote. After all, Sphinx is a company who has made their name in special tools and has a very streamlined quoting and production process – which means a very competitive price.

Download the easy-to-navigate, 160-page catalog now and discover the power of Sphinx precision tooling here, or if you’d prefer a hard-copy, fill out our Literature Request form.

And in case you haven’t heard, the frequency of deliveries from the Sphinx factory in Switzerland doubled last month. It doesn’t happen often, but if something you order isn’t in stock in the US, you’ll still receive it in about five-to-seven days without paying for expedited shipping. Learn more here.

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