Minor Investments that Can Make a Major Impact

High-level expenditures, whether it’s a whole new machine or an important tooling upgrade, are investments in success and the future. Work isn’t done once installation is complete, however. There are several steps that can be taken to maximizing those major investments and make them last. One of those is choosing the right accessories for maintaining and preparing machinery before, during and after the power is switched on.

BIG Kaiser offers a full line of accessories designed to keep your machines running at peak levels and help make processes as efficient as possible. Here’s a quick rundown of the different accessories available from BIG Kaiser.

Tool Assembly Devices
This group of products makes the most challenging maneuvers and adjustments much easier, saving time and stress during tooling setup. An array of handheld tools and holding devices for tapers of all kinds allow you to adjust tooling setups with confidence and precision.

Tooling and Spindle Cleaners
Pretty straight forward, but the results of building spindle and tooling cleaners in to your routine can pay off in big ways. Spindle cleaners can prolong the life of your machine, tools and holders and tool cleaners enhance the repeatability to the machine spindle. These are the perfect example of a small investment that can make the most of much more significant ones.

Measuring Devices
Understanding your tooling down to the micron is a must for doing accurate, high quality work. Whether you’re measuring static runout accuracy, retention force, or work offsets you’re sure to find the measuring device you need. Speed up your tooling and machinery adjustments with these exacting accessories.

In-Process Machine Devices
Most accessories help you during downtime, but these can make your machinery operate better while cutting. For example, removing coolant and chips from the cutting area is critical to consistent performance, and it also needs to be done when removing a workpiece. Affordable accessories like fans or the BIG-PLUS® Cleaner are easy ways to maintain machinery and tooling for consistent and lasting results.

To see videoscatalog pages and benefits of all of the accessories BIG KAISER offers click here.

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