New DIASET Presetter Options Make Job Preparation Easier and Affordable

It rings true for many high-intensity environments—the kitchen of a popular restaurant on a Friday night, playoff pressure on an elite athletic field, the heroic efforts of a rescue team mid crisis—the key to success is found in meticulous preparation. The world of metalworking is often charged with a brand of intensity all its own as well, driven by short deadlines, strict budgets, and sub-micron margins for error.

It’s no surprise that excellence in preparation pays big dividends for metalworking operations of all kinds. At the most successful shops, tool presetters play a huge role in that preparation. Whether it’s a job shop where tool changing is more frequent or a larger facility where high-volume tools run the risk of accelerated wear from the tiniest runout, offline measurement is critical to efficiency and uptime.

The DIASET presetter is a budget-friendly option and is now available with some higher-end amenities in high demand in many modern shops. BIG Kaiser now offers the DIASET with a camera and 8” LCD touch screen option. The combination enables angle, radius and length measurements. Plus, two built-in USB ports allow for simultaneous data saving and printer connection, reducing risk of human error.

Whether or not you opt for the camera & LCD touch screen, the DIASET in its standard format satisfies all of today’s basic presetting needs. It features a stable measuring column and solid base made out of mineral cast for high rigidity and for excellent resistance to temperature changes. The DIASET is capable of measuring runout to less than .0008” T.I.R. and positioning accuracy of .0001”, while equipped with features like a pneumatic locking mechanism for both axes and a high precision rotating spindle with integral 40 or 50 taper (reduction adapters available for other interfaces).

To make it even easier to give presetting a try in your shop with this entry-level offering, lease options are also available. To learn more about the DIASET or request a quote click here.

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