Powerful Machine Accessories: ChipFans and T-Slot Covers

Machine tool accessories like chip fans and T-slot covers can have a significant impact on machine performance and production.

When buying new equipment, it’s typical to spend a lot of time researching which machine offers the specifications and features to meet your needs. After all, you’re not only investing in the machine itself, but in the future and success of your company.

To help protect your investment and maximize machine performance, we’re sharing a couple of machine tool accessories that may be missing from your shop: the chip fan and T-slot cover.

These machine tool accessories offer an economical solution to production issues that can negatively impact tool and machine setup. In fact, when used in combination with a machine that delivers the speed and features you need, accessories like chip fans and t-slot covers can help you achieve maximum levels of productivity—even during downtime.

Chip fans create in-process cleaning without stopping production. They are designed to mount securely in either a collet chuck or end mill holder and integrate seamlessly into the machining cycle. Chip fan cycles can even be programmed to minimize spindle downtime and maximize operator efficiency.

Chip fans come with a pre-drilled hole, which allows coolant-through spindles to shoot coolant through the center of the fan to rinse tables, fixtures and workpieces. The fan rotates to remove the chips and coolant, thus providing two cleaning operations in one. This makes them a safe and economical alternative that requires little to no operator interaction when the machine is closed.

Learn more about our durable chip fans and how they work here.

T-Slot Covers
T-slot covers are protection plates designed to prevent chips and coolant from collecting inside the t-slots of machining centers. These covers are easy to handle and keep slots clear of debris when not in use. When the machine slots are ready to be used, the t-slot covers are removed for access to a clean fixturing surface and fast set-up changes.

Keeping machine tables clean can also help extend or maintain your machine’s performance.

Learn more about our T-slot covers and how they work here, or see our entire offering of efficiency-, safety- and durability-boosting accessories here.

These products are just two of the many accessories that can help minimize manual operations, maximize efficiency and preserve equipment. Stay tuned for more accessories to consider adding to your shop or contact us for more ways to reduce set-up time and drive your bottom line today.

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