Precision Drive Systems Joins List of Licensed BIG-PLUS Spindle Rebuilders

BIG Daishowa Seiki Co. Ltd., our parent company, recently granted another BIG-PLUS license, making spindle rebuilding and maintenance service more accessible than ever. Precision Drive Systems joins the below list of North American companies as officially licensed and authorized BIG-PLUS spindle rebuilders:

·         Advanced Machine and Engineering

·         Dynomax Inc.

·         Fischer Precise USA, Inc.

·         GTI Spindle Technology

·         High Speed Technologies, Inc.

·         Northland Tool & Electronics

·         SETCO

·         SPS Spindle Parts and Service, LLC

·         Superior Spindle Service 

Precision Drive Systems, located in Bessemer City, NC, has been a global leader in precision high-speed spindles since 1996. They offer spindle service for OEMs and owners of CNC routers, milling machines and robotic units. We’re happy to have them join the family.

Thousands of machines and tens of thousands of BIG-PLUS tool holders are in operation today. Due to the popularity of BIG-PLUS, many tooling companies, without a proper license agreement, gages, or manufacturing specifications and tolerances are offering dual contact tooling. Purchasers of these unlicensed products risk problems from performance, premature spindle wear or accidents. To ensure you have a BIG-PLUS tool holder, look for the “BIG-PLUS Spindle System – Licensed BIG Daishowa Seiki” stamp. Reach out to our team with any questions.

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