So Small, It Can Even Drill Accurately Through a Human Hair

Precisely ground micro drills, especially those that are made of tough, nano-grade carbide and are small enough to drill accurately through a single hair follicle, aren’t exactly a dime a dozen. Only a handful of manufacturers even offer them, and by and large, these tiny micro drills are produced ad hoc, as specially ordered carbide drills (with all of the attached strings and costs that a special order implies).

For the first time, Sphinx Tools Ltd., available in the U.S. from BIG Kaiser, is offering its popular Art. #51200 beginning at Ø.03 mm, as a standard stock item. This allows us to deliver these superior solid carbide micro drills in a very short lead time, in a reliable and consistent quality, and with a price tag similar to other standard Sphinx micro drills.

The 3.0 mm h6 shank guarantees extremely precise, concentric clamping. Thanks to the small diameters, and small increments (Ø.01mm) offered, these solid carbide micro drills are a perfect match for the industrial automated manufacturing of miniaturized components. With constant advances in micro-friendly fields like telecommunications, IT, medical and micro mechanics, lead time and consistency is getting increasingly important in acquiring the micro-capable tools you need to do the jobs of today and tomorrow. Now, these once-special micro drills are as easy to acquire as asking your authorized BIG Kaiser Distributor for them. Unfortunately, they did not make it into the new Sphinx catalog that we launched in mid-2012, but the rest of Art. #51200 is shown, as well as other micro drill offerings.

Also, in comparison to competing processes, say, laser drilling or EDM, micro drills continue to grow in popularity due to lower costs and significantly simpler integration in existing processes.

The complete Sphinx micro drill line also includes a wide variety of unique drill point geometries, flute lengths, and shank diameters for use in steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nickel alloys, aluminum and other non-ferrous materials like brass. These drills are available in both fine-grained, high strength carbide, and some in high speed steel with 8% cobalt.

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