Tooling Today Live Available On Demand


If you missed the recent Tooling Today Live virtual event, it is now available on demand. Highlights include a in-depth conversation on factors to take into consideration before buying a new machine tool.

6 Factors to Consider Before Investing in a CNC Machine 
Investing in a CNC machine can be a nail-biting decision. The machine has to check all the boxes for your current application, but what about new work in the future? Which extra features are worth the money? 

In addition to the opening session, we shared a number of demos throughout the day:

BIG-PLUS Advantage
A discussion on the BIG-PLUS interface and how dual contact functions; how to identify BIG-PLUS spindles in the field; advantages of the BIG-PLUS spindle system; and how BIG-PLUS tool holders are gaged and marked. 

Better Boring with Twin Cutters
Series SW 319 twin cutter rough boring heads are designed for heavy-duty rough boring and semi-finishing operations. Get tips for setting these heads for success, and see the capabilities of these versatile tools.

Future of Digital Boring
A glimpse into the future of our EWE digital boring head program and updates to the BIG KAISER app. 

Don’t Overlook Workholding
Workholding in often overlooked during the purchasing process. Accurate and repeatable workholding saves time and money while increasing stability and efficiency.

Precision Starts with Proper Tightening
Proper tightening is an important first step of high-precision cutting. BIG KAISER’s Torque Fit Tool assembly station with integrated torque measuring system allows for controlled tightening.

Simplified Data Transfer
SPERONI SPI (Simple Post Interface), SPI dramatically reduces the time and steps needed to transfer precise and accurate tool measurements from a tool presetter to a machine tool and easily identify tools that need attention or need to be replaced for continued performance.

If you have any questions, would like to schedule a demo or need additional information, email or call (888) 866-5776.

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