Try 4 of BIG Kaiser’s Most Powerful Tools for Free in 2015

“Higher Performance. Guaranteed.” has long been a statement we hang our hat on. This year, as we celebrate our 25th in the U.S., BIG Kaiser is making our most ambitious effort yet to prove that our tooling outperforms and delivers lasting value. We are challenging the metalworking world to “Test Us.”

We’ve chosen four of our most impactful products and are making them available at no cost for trial on your machine, in your facility. The biggest and best shops in the world are always examining their processes and equipment, comparing them to the latest and greatest advances. This is a chance to do the same, easily, quickly and at no cost.

We are confident you’ll not only experience better results and accelerated cycle time with all four featured tools, but you’ll be able to create an environment where you can repeat it long-term, extend tool life, and have peace of mind after hitting “Cycle Start”. After all, an investment in premium tooling should act as an insurance policy that a job will get done right the first time, and every time.

The four products available as part of the “Test Us” program are the Mega Synchro Tapping Holder, the Mega Micro Chuck, the Kaiser Series 319 SW Twin Cutter Boring Head and the Sphinx Phoenix TC2 high performance drill. Each of these operations are common, and we know our products will offer dramatic advantages over alternatives on the market. Therefore, we selected this specific group of tooling solutions in hopes that as many shops as possible would entertain the opportunity to take advantage of this incredible offer.

Our tooling stands up to the hardest tests in metalworking, day in and day out, and we’d love the opportunity to prove it. Visit our campaign microsite to apply for your trial today and for details on each product, videos, and graphical comparisons to competitive products.

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