Understanding Precision as a Function of Choice

If precision in manufacturing is a matter of optimizing a process to get the best possible results, then we can only truly be precise when we have ample choice in tools. Think of it this way, a handful of tool holder/tap combinations will be able to accomplish most any tapping job at least once. But each combination falls on a different spot on the spectrum of precision, speed and repeatability. Among that handful, one combination will produce optimal results for any given job.

As the pool of possible combinations shrinks, so does our capacity to optimize. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, but for any given process, there’s a best way; limiting choice in tools diminishes precision.

With that in mind, BIG Kaiser continues to expand its line of Mega Synchro tapping holders. The line is available with 47 bodies and 258 tap holders, allowing for optimum configuration, no matter what the job. The two additions serve to stretch the Mega Synchro size range on either side, as the MGT3 (pg. 5) is the smallest to date and the MGT36 (pg. 5) is the largest.

Mega Synchro Tapping Holder MGT3

  • Tool holder for rigid tapping with small taps
  • Eliminates synchronization errors and minimizes dynamic rounout at high speeds
  • Provides a stable thread quality and extended tool life


Mega Synchro Tapping Holder MGT36

  • Compensation for synchronization error eliminates heavy thrust load of large diameter tapping
  • Adjustment of tap projection length (adjustable amount: 3mm)
  • Coolant supply adjustable in two ways by reversing the Adjust Screw

The Mega Synchro line improves thread quality and tool life by reducing thrust loads caused by synchronization errors up to 90 percent. Unique features include:

  • Improves thread quality and tool life
  • Absorbs the pitch difference between the tap and spindle when using rigid tapping
  • Coolant through center capability for all models except MGT3
  • Body and Tap Holder are fixed with a drive key
  • Short, middle, long & extra long tap holders are standardized
  • Super slim tap holder – Ø.630 with MGT6 model
  • Dual contact interfaces are standard
  • ANSI: No.2-AP1
  • JIS/DIN/ISO: M1-M36

Click on each graph below to see how the Mega Synchro Tool Holders affect thrust load on the tap.

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