New Hydraulic Chuck from BIG KAISER Promotes Smooth, Stable Cutting

Hoffman Estates, IL – BIG KAISER has introduced a new, high-precision hydraulic chuck for clamping straight shank tools with diameters ¼" to 1¼" and 6mm to 32mm. They are ideal for tools such as drills, reamers, ball mills, end mills and other tools used in processes that require extreme accuracy and a fine surface finish.

"Our customers in the automotive, aerospace and medical fields will love this tool holder for its precision and stability," says Jack Burley, BIG KAISER vice president of sales and engineering. "What's more, cutting tools can be easily clamped and unclamped with just one wrench."

The hydraulic chucks are pre-balanced to within 15 for vibration-free machining at speeds of up to 20,000 RPM. Precision and rigidity are improved due to an integral sleeve construction, dual oil pressure points and a short projection length. They feature runout accuracy guaranteed to less than.00012" (3 microns) at 4xD and repeatability less than .00006" (1.5 microns) - shown to improve the surface finish of workpieces and to extend tool life. They are available for BIG-PLUS® (CAT and BT), HSK and CAPTO® interfaces.

BIG KAISER Precision Tooling is a leader in high precision tooling systems and solutions. With brands including Kaiser, BIG Daishowa, Speroni, Unilock, Sphinx and more, BIG KAISER's line is focused on extreme accuracy and repeatability. BIG KAISER's mission is to support North American manufacturers with products that are designed and manufactured to a superior standard. Guaranteed.

For more information about BIG KAISER Hydraulic Chucks, contact BIG KAISER, Hoffman Estates, IL 224-770-2999, e-mail or visit

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