Stabilizer System

As far as machining goes, if you’re having to back off feeds and speeds to achieve finishes, there’s a good chance a part is not completely stable. One option to increase stability is to add an extra point of contact by using a temporary locating feature or weld tabs and brackets. However, BIG DAISHOWA’s zero-point, UNILOCK stabilizer system can easily adjust to any new part — making machining more efficient and cost-effective.

The system provides lateral support for tall parts during machining, welding, or assembly processes. This allows for the transfer of loads down to the table or base.

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  • Compatible with standard UNILOCK SYSTEM 40 chucks, Manual 5-Axis clamping units & UNIFLEX clamping system
  • Fine adjustment unit allows for adjusting the position of parts as needed
  • Magnetic base option
  • Tab/Flange gripper option
  • Options for direct ball attachment with no location requirement
  • 5 fixed length extensions
  • 2 adjustable length bases
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