BIG DAISHOWA Expands Lineup of Fullcut Mills


Hoffman Estates, IL - BIG DAISHOWA has expanded its lineup of Fullcut Mill FCM tools to include larger diameters and additional lengths. The BIG-PLUS BBT series now offers a 63 mm diameter cutter. The 25 mm and 32 mm diameter series have extended their length to 105 mm (4 in). 

The larger diameter cutter and new lengths both boost the Fullcut Mill FCM BBT line’s already-considerable versatility, allowing machinists to tailor their tool selections for many different applications. The BIG-PLUS BBT shank products are compatible with both BIG-PLUS and existing BT spindle machines. This allows for seamless integration, no matter the machining setup. 

In addition, the integrated structure and low-cutting resistance result in high-efficiency machining, ideal for grooving and shoulder milling. These products also offer a maximum depth of cut nearly four times more efficient than that of conventional arbor-type cutters. 

As a member of the BIG DAISHOWA Group (Osaka, Japan), BIG DAISHOWA Inc. is a recognized global tooling provider, with manufacturing facilities in North America, Switzerland and Japan. BIG DAISHOWA is also the North American representative of Speroni tool measuring machines, Sphinx high performance drills, mptec measuring stands, Tekusa spindle cleaners and the UNILOCK zero-point workholding system.

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