Delivering Your Sphinx Tooling Orders Faster than Ever

They may be small, but we understand that our high-performance Sphinx tools play a big role in keeping spindles spinning and revenue flowing. That’s why we’re doubling the frequency of our deliveries of high-performance Sphinx tooling from the factory in Switzerland.

We already have thousands and thousands of Sphinx drills on hand in inventory, but having every tool, often built with varying geometries in diameter increments of .01mm, is nearly impossible. With this new, accelerated delivery schedule, the chances you’ll have to disrupt production while you wait for an out-of-stock carbide drill or end mill are reduced significantly.

We’ve always been known for having excellent inventory levels – here’s a look at one drawer of many in the Sphinx section of our warehouse.

Here’s how it works. Every Thursday night, we here in the states send the Sphinx plant in Switzerland an order for inventory that’s in demand, but we may not have in stock. The next day, that order is fulfilled by Sphinx and shipped to BIG KAISER. We receive it on Monday, and could theoretically have it to you on Tuesday if you absolutely needed that to happen. Otherwise, we’ll deliver virtually all back orders by the end of that week (within seven days of when the order was placed with us). This can result in a distributor or end user having the product they need up to 75% faster than before.

Don’t wait until you run out of the Sphinx tooling you need, order it in advance. Chances are we’ll have it on our shelves in Illinois and you’ll have what you need in a day or two. But, if by chance we don’t, you can rest assured it will be at your door in about seven days through our new normal ordering procedure.

Don’t forget to use our online tools to help you plan and check your order. The Electronic Order Assistant allows you to check our domestic inventory quickly and simply with a part number. Also, the Order Tracking tool allows you to see the delivery status and estimated arrivals of any placed order.

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