Shop Digitally Maps, Organizes and Verifies 14,500 Tools with Speroni Presetters

Our friends at BIG KAISER Switzerland recently shared a story out of their home country about a customer that’s revolutionized how they manage a robust inventory of 7,500 tooling components that’s applied in 14,500 different configurations.

Unique currency dynamics within the Eurozone have pressured Bruderer AG, a sophisticated stamping machine manufacturer that generates 90% of its revenue from exports, to find new, more efficient ways to produce. They’re betting big on the smart manufacturing movement— more commonly known in Europe as “Industry 4.0”.

Having used a tool data management (TDM) system to store tooling data for 25 years, Bruderer was already ahead of the digital game, but only recently added several Speroni presetter systems. The advanced presetters have moved them even further ahead, proving a critical catalyst for the company’s Industry 4.0 push.

As detailed in Swiss magazine Schweizer Maschinenmarkt (SMM), the addition has revolutionized Bruderer’s processes. Head of production, Remo Ackermann, put it this way, “A perfect fleet of machines with slow tool measurement get you absolutely nowhere. The new Speroni measuring machines have strengthened our workflows and the return on investment is very fast indeed – of that I am certain.”

With help from BIG KAISER and other suppliers, the company has synched the Speroni presetters with both its existing TDM system and their machines’ CNCs. This has allowed automatic verification of tool assembly before reaching the spindle and workpiece/process pairing with the tooling once situated in the machine tool. This level of digital communication has resulted in reduced human error, 30-percent faster setups and protection from collisions.

To learn how it all comes together to form what BIG KAISER Europe’s technical consultant, Daniel Stadelmann, calls “the most modern tool presetting station in Switzerland,” read the full story from SMM here.

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