We’ve Enhanced Our In-House Repair Capabilities

Several repairs once done overseas can now be done at Illinois facility

As part of a continued effort to fully serve users throughout the long lifetimes of their BIG Kaiser products, we’ve made it faster, easier and more cost effective to have some popular products repaired and properly maintained.

“Sending tools to us is much more convenient and cost effective for our customers than shipping them overseas,” Shawn Stevens, BIG Daishowa Repair Technician, said. “For the BIG Daishowa Profit Maker tools like Angle Heads – if the unit’s crashed, broken, snapped or sheared off, we can fully fix it here now, and in one day if need be. You can pretty much tear the thing in half and it will be repairable. Plus, with the added cost-savings of our newly reduced repair costs, customers are spending less for the same service. Overall, it’s a great improvement.”

BIG Profit Maker Repair Improvements

  • Repair prices have been decreased an average of 40% to encourage customers to send them to us for repair instead of attempting to do it themselves, but also for periodic maintenance
  • No charge for commodity parts like cap screws, set screws and o-rings
  • Same-day service is available upon request
  • Repairs are tested to assure runout accuracy, decibels and heat generation are within spec before being sent back to the customer
  • Trade-in discounts and free inspection service of existing units are also available
After Angle Heads are repaired or put through maintenance, they go through an extensive testing process before being shipped back to the customer.

KAISER Repair Improvements

  • Repairs to Series 310 EWN finish heads now done in the USA, whereas only Series 112 & 317 EWN finish heads were previously fixed here
  • Typical KAISER repair can be done in less than one week
  • Loaner heads are available during repair
  • Our BIG Daishowa Repair Technician was recently sent to Switzerland for cross-training on KAISER tools – so our two technicians now can repair both KAISER and BIG tools
Our repair room is fully stocked with drawers full of all components necessary for KAISER heads being repaired in the United States.

Unilock Repair Improvements

  • Until recently, Unilock repairs had to be sent to back to Austria, but now most repairs can be done at our Illinois facility
  • Repairs can be done in two days as long as the parts are available in stock

(Unilock Tip: The Unilock chuck design is very robust. The components can take a beating. However, proper cleaning and maintenance will dramatically extend their life. Preventing coolant from drying and inside the chuck, making sure air lines use filtered air and periodically oiling the inside of the chucks are important steps to take to ensure quality and longevity.)

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Mark Fuller

Mar, 21/09/2021 - 22:08

Is there a critera, beyond declining performance, that one can use to determine whether to retire a HSK toolholder?
I'm thinking what I can measure on the taper and flat (also on the spindle) that can tell me the health of the interface.
Roughness, surface condition/damage, etc.. What can I use to make the decision before it affects the cutting I'm doing?

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