Answering the Most Important Questions for First-Time Presetter Buyers: Part 2

Before you read any further, we suggest you go back and read Part 1 of this two-part post. There, we discuss some of the fundamental questions you should ask before making your first offline tool presetter purchase. You’ll find out why shops use tool presetters, which shops get the most out of them and how to you justify the upfront cost.

As for Part 2, let’s dive in to some of the important questions to ask when selecting a presetter.

Which presetter is right for you? Indicator or camera? Manual or CNC? Basic or sophisticated model? Is retention knob clamping an attractive/necessary feature?

What will I need it for today?
Well, now you have to decide which kind of presetter to purchase. You’ll want your presetter to come out of the box capable of measuring the maximum length and diameter of the tooling you use. It should also measure in increments that match your tightest job tolerance. And of course, make sure it pairs with the spindle type from which you’ll be measuring.

Think about options too. They’re abound in the world of presetters. Do you need camera functionality or is an indicator read out sufficient? What’s better for your operators—manual or CNC movement (there’s a significant difference in cost here)? Do you often need to reference data quickly or can you store it away? How accurate and repeatable do you need your measurements to be? Be sure the supplier or distributor you choose to work with takes the time to understand your operations and makes you aware of all the presetter options that may benefit you.

What will I need it for in ten years?
Considering the ever-accelerating pace of change in technology and relentless competition, the work you do today may be different from what you do down the line. We’ve got some good news for you. A quality presetter, especially those produced by specialized companies like Speroni, last a long time with minimal service.

And, it gets better. The presetters we offer are essentially future-proof. Those many aforementioned options can often be added on later. So, if you know you have work coming in the future, but don’t need all the functionality it requires today, you can save a few bucks by buying a system that can grow with you and spread out the cost. “Upgradeable by design” is one of Speroni’s slogans—and it fits.

Why do I buy my first presetter from BIG KAISER?
You mean this post wasn’t helpful enough to convince we should be your tool presetting partner? But in all seriousness, the presetters we offer are the most precise, reliable and durable in their respective classes, built with elite design and premium materials; you can only get Speroni and Innotool presetters from BIG KAISER.

Now that you’ve got the answers you need, here’s the best news yet: now is the perfect time to try your first presetter. We’re offering risk-free trials of our Speroni MAGIS presetter, on your tooling, in your shop as part of our Test Us campaign. Click here to get on your way to perfect set-ups every time!

Did you find this helpful? Let us know what you think by adding your comments or questions below.

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