The Difference Between a Warranty and a Guarantee

In this business, doing it right the first time is like money in the bank: less scrap, less wasted time, more on-time deliveries, the list goes on and on. BIG KAISER takes a similar approach and applies it to engineering and building its tooling; when you buy a BIG KAISER head, it may very well be the last one you ever need to buy.

Instead of touting a lifetime warranty that provides replacements for failed tooling—like some of the lower-quality tooling companies are providing because they can’t speak to quality and reliability—we offer a better promise, and have for quite some time: “Higher Performance. Guaranteed.”

And the proof is in the pudding. Just about every boring head we’ve ever sold, spanning decades, are still boring holes, within the demanding tolerances we guaranteed and still look pretty good doing it too. What’s more, when you take full advantage of BIG KAISER modularity—extensions, reductions, chamfering, micro and large, drilling to grooving and an array of accessories—you’re not only getting lasting reliability, but also capabilities that grow and adapt with your business.

We don’t believe we need to offer a lifetime warranty with our heads, in fact, we know it. We do offer a one-year warranty – but if it works fine the first time you use it – rest assured it will work for years to come.

So which would you prefer—a warranty to replace tooling when it fails or breaks, or a guarantee that the tooling you buy will work as promised for decades right out of the box at exacting levels?

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