BIG KAISER Boring Tool App

A Cutting Data App for Smart Phones and Tablets

BIG KAISER has developed a smartphone and tablet app to enhance the user-experience when assembling and running cutting tools while providing extremely precise cutting data. This app will help operators fine tune the optimal cutting parameters for their tool assemblies. They can save their tool adjustment history in the app for future reference; this is an essential "piece-of-the-puzzle" for shops joining the smart manufacturing movement. 61 BIG KAISER boring heads, covering diameters from Ø.01575" (Ø 0.4 mm) up to Ø24.41" (Ø 620 mm), are currently supported by this app. Cutting data for rough and fine boring tools is available in both metric and imperial units.

The key benefit that this app brings the user is that machine and tool data, parameters and settings are always available and can be monitored remotely in real-time. Comprehensive information is displayed on a large legible screen, providing greater comfort than the existing on-machine interface. More precise information should lead to improved decision-making, thereby contributing to the bottom line.

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Phone with the BIG KAISER Boring App
  • Cutting data calculator
  • Calculator for adjusting tools
  • Quick access to operating manuals
  • Tool overview
  • Application data
  • Store favorites
  • Tool Tips
  • Metric and imperial units available