What are people saying about BIG DAISHOWA?

At BIG DAISHOWA we often emphasize superior tooling, improved tool performance, and our exceptionally high standards. We're so confident in our products that we even guarantee that our tooling will improve the performance of your toughest application, and if it doesn't, we'll take our products back at no charge.

Maybe you're still not convinced, so here is what real BIG DAISHOWA customers are saying:


[The twin rougher] was awesome. It went through the bore in a couple of minutes, compared to the half-hour it took before. It cut the time down to nothing. Granted, it’s such a strong tool, it was fairly violent—really something to see.

Shop Foreman
Custom Machining Corp

With BIG-PLUS tool holders we definitely notice an improvement of repeatability of gage length. It gives added rigidity and does not allow the tool to flex. It also dampens vibrations.

Machine Shop Manager
Team Penske

[With SW Twin Cutter], the results were immediate and undeniable …, We’re getting better parts off the machine sooner, allowing us to get to the next job ahead of schedule. Reducing the cycle time by 22 seconds per part will save approximately 40 machine hours a year on this job alone. That’s 40 extra hours of machine utilization that we didn’t have because of a fairly simple tooling solution...

A&L Machine

The SPERONI has proven to be the tool measuring system that almost guarantees perfect offsets on both machines. My setup time is almost nothing.

Machine Shop Lead
Andretti Autosport

Not only do the tools last longer, but the end product is even better. The holder is highly precise and accurate. We’ll be changing more tooling to BIG DAISHOWA, starting with the highest usage tools first. We feel once all the tooling is replaced we will be able to substantially increase our feed rates.

General Manager
Homeyer Precision Manufacturing

We didn’t know we needed a [Speroni] tool pre-setter until we tried it. The pre-setter gives you the confidence to know you won’t cut out of tolerance even on the first part because you can ideally control runout and Z height.

Machine Shop Manager
Team Penske

We tried [a customer-supplied boring head] and fought with it, and we just threw it out. We grabbed the BIG DAISHOWA tooling and the problems went away. The Kaiser costs more, but in the long run, the scrap rate went from 7 to 9 percent to less than 0.2 percent.

Process Manager & CNC Programmer
Southland CNC Inc

Overall [BIG KAISER finish boring heads] are much more reliable, and once they are set, they don’t require any adjusting. This means we spend less time monitoring critical diameters.

N.C. Engineering