CNC Tapping Holders

The MEGA Synchro Tapping system is perfect for high-performance rigid tapping on CNC machines. The system has 41 bodies, and 45 CNC tap holders, and offers ideal projection lengths for any machine. Thread quality and tool life are improved by reducing thrust loads caused by synchronization errors during rigid tapping.

The MEGA Synchro Tapping Holder improves thread quality and tap life by reducing thrust loads caused by synchronization errors by up to 90%. Its unique mechanism absorbs the pitch difference between the tap and synchronous spindle, ensuring precise and consistent results.

In addition to error compensation, the MEGA Synchro Tapping Holder features coolant delivery through slits to the tap periphery, as well as through the tap, ensuring optimal cutting conditions. Its design also allows for the tap holder to be isolated from the axial pressure of the coolant.

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