Coolant Inducers

Coolant Inducers are the perfect solution for adding coolant capabilities to your machine tools without coolant-through spindles. The Hi-Jet Holder coolant inducer minimizes overheating and distortion of workpieces, allowing for faster metal removal rates by flushing chips out of the holes. With reduced heat generation, tool life is greatly extended.

The Hi-Jet Holder attaches external piping to the tool, providing coolant-through-like delivery for customers who may not have coolant-through spindles. This is an ideal option for customers who don't want to purchase a new machine.

Coolant not only keeps the cutting-edge cool but also plays a vital role in pushing chips away from the part and cutting action. When chips aren't cleared, the tool can recut the hardened chips, leading to premature tool failure. By using the right coolant through the tool to the point of cut, tool life is drastically increased over time and delivers better surface finishes. Upgrade your machining operations with the Hi-Jet Holder coolant inducer.


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