TG Collet Type

For TG100 Single Angle Style Collets

Hi-Jet Holder TG Collet Type tool holder is capable of supplying coolant through or around the tool. Hi-Jet Holders minimize overheating and distortion of workpieces and allow coolant-through cutting tools to provide faster metal removal rates by flushing chips out of the holes. With reduced heat generation, tool life is greatly extended.

Please note that TG collets are not available from BIG DAISHOWA and must be purchased separately.

Features & Benefits
  • Introduces coolant capability
  • Allows operations at faster speeds and feeds
  • Non-contact seal design eliminates wear damage to the body
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for small diameter cutters
  • Automatic Tool Change w/ stop block
  • Easy maintenance of worn parts
  • 284 max PSI
  • Water-soluble coolant only
  • 360º adjustability
  • High speed available (10,000 RPM for 40 tapers - 8,000 RPM for 50 tapers)