BIG DAISHOWA offers a variety of ways to help easily find information about our products. If you're looking for references, we provide DXF drawings and step models. You can also download all our product catalogs, and manuals, or watch our product videos.

For more helpful resources, check out our Interactive Tools.

Document Library
BIG DAISHOWA's Document Library includes the latest product information available for your download.

Manuals, DXF and Step Search
Manuals, DXF and Step search allow you to download drawings, manuals, 2D and 3D data. You can search for full or partial catalog numbers to see a list of drawings that match your search.

Video Gallery
While seeing a drawing, reading a catalog, viewing the tech specs, or seeing a product web page is great, sometimes you just need to see the tool in action.

BIG KAISER Boring Tool App
BIG KAISER has developed a smartphone and tablet app to enhance the user experience when assembling and running cutting tools while providing extremely precise cutting data.