Collet Chucks

BIG DAISHOWA's CNC collet chucks have a guaranteed runout at the collet nose of less than 0.003mm (0.00012") at 4xD, and are available for all machine tool spindles in the world. 

The following products are available:

  • MEGA Micro Chuck: Ultra-slim design. Specially made for micromachining.
  • MEGA New Baby Chuck: Our most successful collet chuck up to Ø25.4 mm or Ø1".
  • New Baby Chuck: Predecessor of MEGA New Baby Chucks.
  • MEGA E Chuck: The collet chuck for hard machining.
  • MEGA ER Grip: The ER-collet with the best runout accuracy in the world.

What does MEGA mean?

All MEGA collet chucks have a notch-free MEGA nut that prevents vibration and reduces noises. The collet chucks are tightened by a unique MEGA wrench that has a one-way clutch system with roller bearings and a ratchet function, which is capable of safely and evenly applying force to the entire nut periphery.

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