For Micro Drills and End Mills

MEGA MICRO CHUCK is a collet chuck featuring a notch-free nut design that prevents vibration and noise while offering superior balance and concentricity. This ideal nut design, in conjunction with a slim nut and taper design, ensures interference-free applications with micro drills and end mills. Additionally, it eliminates whistling noise and coolant splattering, providing increased strength to the nut.

The clamping range has been expanded to an 8 mm capacity and a sealed nut for directed coolant delivery has been made available (6S and 8S body sizes only).

Features & Benefits
  • For micro drills and end mill applications
  • High precision and a super slim design for the highest rigidity
  • Taper type suitable for micro end milling
  • The smallest diameter .394" nut prevents inference with workpieces and jigs
  • Available in BIG-PLUS (CAT/BT), HSK, BIG CAPTO, and Straight Shank
  • New 8S size and sealed nut