Repair Request

This page allows authorized BIG DAISHOWA distributors to request a repair authorization.

Fill out the required information below and wait to hear back from us before sending anything back. Once we receive your request, we will send you instructions on next steps. All repair requests must be accompanied by a completed Repair Request form.

Your Contact Information
Optional PO or reference number for cases where a placeholder/zero-dollar purchase order is issued for this repair request.
End User Contact Information
Item(s) to Return
  • Enter the catalog number, corresponding serial number (if known) and quantity.
  • For multiple items, click the Add another item button for each.


Repair Information
  • Items sent in for FUNCTION EVALUATION will be inspected and tested for proper functionality without disassembly.
  • Items sent in for REPAIR EVALUATION will be disassembled for full inspection of internal components.
  • Items sent in for MODIFICATION SERVICE are for specific modifications to products (e.g. tool holder balancing, RFID chip installations, DIN B coolant compatibility, etc.). The scope of the modification should already have been communicated with and pre-approved by a BIG DAISHOWA employee prior to sending in the item(s) for modification.
Service Required
Previously Serviced?
User Agreement
  • Lacking other instruction, BIG DAISHOWA will inspect the item returned and submit a quotation with price and delivery for repair. Tools that do not receive a Purchase Order within 60 days of being quoted will be returned to the address of the distributor or recycled at BIG DAISHOWA’s discretion.
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