New Baby Collet Type

The Hi-Jet Holder New Baby Collet Type is suitable for small diameter drills, gun drills, and end mills due to the high precision New Baby Chuck. It features a compact design, is capable of supplying coolant through or around the tool, and allows for operations at faster speeds and feeds.

Hi-Jet Holders minimize overheating and distortion of workpieces and allow coolant-through cutting tools to provide faster metal removal rates by flushing chips out of the holes. With reduced heat generation, tool life is greatly extended.

Features & Benefits
  • Introduces coolant capability
  • Allows operations at faster speeds and feeds
  • Non-contact seal design eliminates wear damage to the body
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for small diameter cutters
  • Automatic Tool Change w/ stop block
  • Easy maintenance of worn parts
  • 284 max PSI
  • Water-soluble coolant only
  • 360º adjustability
  • High speed available (10,000 RPM for 40 tapers - 8,000 RPM for 50 tapers)