Twin Cutter Rough Boring Heads SW 319

Perfect Roughing

Series SW 319 twin cutter rough boring heads are designed for heavy-duty rough boring and semi-finishing operations. The short and compact design of the components combined with a positive and friction-locked connection between the tool body and insert holders provide maximum rigidity and the highest cutting performance.

This twin cutter series has a unique design feature allowing different roughing methods without the need to change components or use mechanical systems to adjust insert height. Simply reverse the insert holders to switch between balanced and stepped cutting!

Ground serrations on the mating surfaces of both the tool body and insert holder permit a rigid connection and an accurate tool length. A diameter scale on the insert holders allows diameter adjustment without a presetter. The tool body and insert holders are completely protected against corrosion by a high-quality coating.

Different accessories also permit chamfering, back boring, and face grooving.

Balanced and Stepped Cutting

Balanced cutting is just that—both inserts are set to the same height and cutting diameter. It is the more commonly used configuration because it’s easier to set, more stable, and permits higher feed rates because it’s a two-edge effective tool. It also works better for cast holes or pre-existing holes in weldments that are usually either not perfectly round, straight, or have some misalignment (core shift). The equalized cutting forces in a boring head set for twin cutting work best to correct these issues.

When stepped-cutting, you have the inserts staggered in both height and diameter. The lead insert takes approximately half of the total stock allowance and is followed by the second insert, cutting at the desired output diameter.

To learn more, read our blog post FAQs: Setting Up Boring Tools.

Features & Benefits
  • Stock removal of the final diameter of up to 40%
  • Repeatable length accuracy due to ground serrations on the mating surfaces of both tool body and insert holder
  • Insert holders for extended boring range as well as back boring
  • Coated tool body and insert holder